About Us

The Timemeddlers of Los Angeles was founded in June 1986 when a small group of individuals met at KCET Television in Los Angeles, the channel that aired Doctor Who until January 1994 in the L.A. metropolitan area. The club charter was written that fall and the club began its rise to head L.A. Doctor Who fandom. However, it was not until October 1987 when the Doctor Who Traveling Exhibition from BBC Enterprises visited town (with Janet Fielding and then-brand-new-Doctor Sylvester McCoy) that the membership of the club took off.

In January 1989, the Council of the club at the time began work on what would become the Gallifrey conventions. Though it was voted in March 1989 to make Gallifrey a separate entity from the club itself (after the Council appointed a Gallifrey “board of directors”), both the Meddlers and Gallifrey have enjoyed a long-standing relationship, caused no doubt by the fact that traditionally, all five members of the Council have, since the convention’s founding, served on the committee and/or staff of the convention. At its heyday in 1989, when the old series of Doctor Who last aired on BBC Television, the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles boasted over 300 members, and with the new series already in its second season, we hope to surpass it.